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Easy Japanese Recipes: Daikon Mochi

Daikon Mochi Recipe: finished product

Hi guys! It's Mrs. Wada back on duty. I tried to make daikon mochi for the first time yesterday and Mr. Wada liked it. So I thought of sharing it here. By the way, daikon is Japanese word for Japanese raddish. Daikon Mochi Ingredients Here are the ingredients: (Makes 6 pieces) - 1/2

Kinme no Nitsuke Recipe (Simmered Alfonsino with Soy sauce)


  Are you familiar with Alfonsino? We call it Kinme-Dai (金目鯛、きんめだい) or just Kinme in Japanese. It's a little pricier than average fish but I saw it discounted to just about 200 yen (well, the original price was more than 300 yen), so I thought I could try making Kinme no Nitsuke (simmered