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Best Hot Springs in Kurokawa Onsen Town, Kumamoto


Konnichiwa! It’s Mr. Wada back on duty! Lemme show you around Kurokawa Onsen Town this time.

Kurokawa Onsen Town

It is a small onsen town in Northern Kumamoto Prefecture. It would be nice to drive through Mt. Aso then down to Kurokawa like we did.



Note: Pics in this post were taken in 2014.

Walk in Kurokawa

Let’s walk around Kurokawa, shall we?

Kurokawa Onsen area is small (meaning different onsen places are just within walking distance) and secluded (surrounded by nature). One good thing about this place is you can experience different kinds of onsen, in terms of color from milky to golden one, in health benefits, indoor and outdoor, etc. Isn’t that amazing? It’s an onsen paradise.

Like other onsen areas, you can avail their tegata (pass made of wood that you can keep as memorabilia) to enjoy onsen-hopping in a discounted price. You can get it at the tourist information center.

Shinmeikan: Cave Onsen

Shinmeikan is the first Onsen we tried in Kurokawa. What a nice entrance, but onsen was quite wild! It was like a maze really. I swam down to the end and to another end…quite fun. Hehe. Figured it was quite steamy in there. I had a hard time changing clothes. Better be careful especially if you wear glasses.

Fee: 500 yen

Sanga: Outdoor Onsen

Sanga Onsen is the second place we had (in the morning). I learned that getting into onsen in the damn freezing morning is the best damn thing! Sooooooooo nice. Didn’t wanna get out.

Fee: 500 yen

If you plan to stay over in Kurokawa, I suppose you should reserve a room before hand. There are many ryokan, traditional hotels, but there isn’t any business hotels.

Lastly – Support Kumamoto –

I would like to share this link to support the victims of earthquake which struck Kumamoto last April.

Website: Kumamoto Earthquakes Volunteer Fund by The Nippon Foundation

See you around!

Once again, Kumamon is everywhere in Kumamoto! Watch out!
Once again, Kumamon is literally everywhere in Kumamoto! Watch out! (It’s tailing me!)

Yoshi (Mr. Wada)
I enjoy both indoor and outdoor stuff. Fishing in summer, Onsen( hot springs) in winter, and driving all year around!

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