Autumn Leaf Spot in Soja City: Hofukuji Temple

Autumn Leaves in Soja

Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. When leaves turn red, it’s like everyone would go to Kyoto. You know what? We can still enjoy autumn leaves in Okayama city as well. Let me show you one of the autumn leaf spots in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture this time.

Autumn Leaf Spots in Soja City: Hofukuji Temple


You can access the temple directly by car but it gets busy at this time of the year. We actually did try but gave up on the way because of the long line-up of cars and I bumped our car into the rock when retreating! >o<). We parked somewhere else instead. So I suggest you take a free shuttle bus to the temple from Soja City Hall which is available during the light-up event period.



Hofukuji Temple

Alright, finally we made it here. Let’s go check the temple area first (inside the gate).

Autumn Leaves in Soja

Outside Temple

Autumn leaves in the temple are brightened up in silence. This area is admission-free by the way.

This picture below is reflection of the leaves on the pond. Without knowing I wouldn’t be able to tell which is real. The water surface was unbelievably calm and clear resulting to this mirror-effect. But I also could impossibly take a good photo to convince you. It looks life there’s another world down there.



Entrance for the temple takes 300 JPY. To be frank, I was a bit skeptical if this 300 yen would be worth. Turns out, it was breathtaking and we able to enjoy a small concert by piano and saxophone for 30 minutes. It was a very relaxing and cool moment.

While exploring the surrounding of the temple, I was wondering why the lights were too bright as you might have noticed in the previous photos. When I entered the temple, only then I found out that those lights were positioned as they are to have the best light up effect as you can see in the picture below from inside the temple.

Autumn Leaves in Soja



How do you find it? Not bad right? I would like to share more places for autumn leaves another time. Well, it was very local but totally worth it.

See you around!


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Teppanyaki Lunch at Tajima in Kobe

teppanyaki tajima

Assalam alaikum. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty! I believe “teppanyaki” is one of Japanese words that has been known today. It is sizzling. You know, foods cooked on a hot place. We would expect it meat but the food could be veggies, meat or anything. This time I am sharing our lunch at Teppanyaki restaurant in Kobe called Tajima.

About Teppanyaki Tajima

This restaurant is located inside Portpia Hotel in Kobe City. If you are familiar with Japanese beef, you may think this place serves Tajima beef or Kobe beef. Yes it does, this time though we had sorta specialty meat, Kouchi beef from Kouchi Prefecture (in Shikoku Island).



10-1,6 Chome, Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0046, Japan

Website: Teppanyaki Tajima


Teppanyaki Course


A set of little dishes was served as appetizer. Starting from left, chicken, chopped scallops and beef.


Light pumpkin soup with pumpkin seeds


Main Dish

The chef came in. He reminds me of Iron Chef but this is live right over the hot teppanyaki plate!


He started grilling veggies for starters.
The yellow square thing is pumpkin risotto.


Now salmon. Served with creamy sauce and crispy gobou (greater burdock).

Main Dish

Here comes the meat!
We were asked our preferred degree of doneness and we chose to have it prepared in medium rare.



The steak is very tender and juicy. I suppose Kobe beef would’ve been fatter, but this Kouchi beef was fatty enough for me, in a good way. Great.



As you see the meat looked very little BUT actually there was another bunch. It seems there was a mistake on the initial amount of meat prepared and the chef noticed it. It turned out quite amount of meat and dishes.




Then we had garlic rice and miso soup.


For finale, coffee and dessert.
Burp. Had enough. I wouldn’t need dinner.


Tip: How to Grill Steak like Tappanyaki at Home

According to this chef, it seems to be impossible to cook meat like Teppanyaki by regular gas stove at home. HOWEVER, he gave us this tip which we possibly can do it as good as at Teppanyaki restaurants.

1. Cook only outside of meat on a fry pan.
2. Cook the meat in the oven by 100 degrees for 10 minutes.

I would like to try it. A great tip.


How was it? Well, it was actually a part of our company trip. It is nice to try new stuff like this, isn’t it?

See you around!