Oise Mairi at Ise Shrine (Ise Jingu)

Que Onda? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. This time we are sharing our Hatsumode (the first visit to the shrine of the year) trip to Ise Shrine.

Oise Mairi at Ise Shrine (Ise Jingu)

Ise Jingu (shrine) is officially named just Jingu since it is like a headquarter of all the shrines in Japan. However, for avoiding confusion with other shrines (jingu), people call it Ise Jingu. Travelling to Ise Jingu was sorta status for people in the Edo era, which is specifically called Oise Mairi. And after hundreds years, it’s our turn!

There are the two shrines, the main shrine (Naiku) and the sub shrine (Geku), located in different areas. Most of tourists visit only Naiku, though, to do this right, you should visit Geku then Naiku. FYI, ‘Ge’ refers to outer and ‘Nai’ refers to inner.


Ise Shrine (Geku)

Geku is kinda easy access. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the nearest station (JR Ise-shi Station). It took us about an hour to finish looking around the area. Perhaps you would need another 30 minutes for checking thoroughly. (We are “fast” walkers, you know.)


Ise Shrine (Naiku)

There are buses straight to Naiku from Geku. If you plan on visiting only Naiku, buses are also available in central or you also could access by train (get off at JR Isuzugawa Station and take a bus to Naiku).

Naiku is always busy.


It is said that due to millions of visitors crossing this first bridge after the gate, it has to be replaced/repaired every now and then as it gets thinner and thinner.


The main shrine. No camera allowed inside the gate.



Ise Shrine (Naiku)

1 Ujitachi-cho, Ise City, Mie Prefecture

Ise Shrine (Geku)

279 Toyokawachō, Ise City, Mie Prefecture

October – December: 5 am to 5 pm
January – April and September: 5 am to 6 pm
May – August: 5 am to 7 pm





How do you find it? BTW, visiting shrines/temples does not require to be a Buddhist, so please don’t hesitate if you are not religious. As long as you are interested in Japanese culture, anyone is welcome!

Hope it helps. See you around!

Sunrise brings good luck. Don’t miss it!


Kouheigura Cafe in Kojima

Kouheigura Coffee Shop in Kojima: featured image

Hi guys, it’s Mrs. Wada. I’m going to introduce one pretty cool cafe we found in Kojima (known for denim jeans). The place is called Kouheigura (珈琲蔵).

Kouheigura (珈琲蔵)

珈琲 (kohi) means coffee and 蔵 (kura) is storage. This place is a traditional storage renovated into a coffee shop. They serve coffee from freshly ground coffee beans and homemade cakes, that you can order a half-size so you can try different kinds. Here’s what we got.

Kouheigura Coffee Shop in Kojima: coffee and sweets




1 Chome-3-5 Kojimaogawa, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture 711-0911


Kouheigura’s Official Website

Business Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Closed on Wednesdays)

Except from the cigarette smoke from other customers, I really like this place, the building itself with the cool beam ceiling, the window seat and view, the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, the combination of cake and black coffee… Makes me want to go back again.