Active Volcano Sakurajima in Kagoshima

Hellow world. Mr. Wada de gowasu! (kagoshima dialect). I would like to share our trip to Sakurajima this time.

Active Volcano Sakurajima in Kagoshima

Sakurajima is located in Kagoshima City, Kyushu. By its name jima (島) some people may think it is an island but it is NOT. Since it is still on the other side, many people come over for work or school by ferry. Ferries are available at the Sakurajima Ferry Terminal every 15 minutes for 24 hours (and it costs only 160 yen!). I suppose it’s like buses for residents in Kagoshima.

Enjoy a 10-minute ride and it gets to the other side, Sakurajima. As we got closer to Sakurajima, we realized the dust….no, ashes! It seems to be from the volcano! As you see it is an active volcano which still erupts every now and then, I strongly suggest to cover your mouth not to breathe it in.

There is an affordable 1-day-bus pass (500 yen) to get on a bus called Sakurajima Island View which takes you to several sightseeing spots in about an hour. A bus stop is right outside the ferry terminal. The buses get quite crowded during the weekends and holidays but no worries, they come in every hour.


A memorial statue of an all-night concert in Sakurajima by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi in 2004.  Rockin’!….well, aside from that, the view is just amazing.

Here we are. The last and the nearest (around 370 meters high) destination to the volcano, Yuyunpei Observatory. Ashes in the air are even stronger….we rapidly took photos and escaped to the observatory building….(@o@)


Name Sakurajima Ferry Terminal
Business Hours 24 hours
Fee Adult: 160 yen
Child: 80 yen
Contact 099-293-2525



How do you find it?  When we are back to Sakurajima central, I realized that our car was covered by ashes from Sakurajima (in several hours)! So it gets this far by wind huh… That’s overwhelming power of nature. Please take a visit if you get a chance.

See you around!

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