Mystery of Wiener Coffee (at Motomachi Coffee)


Was geht ab? It’s Mr. Wada on duty! What coffee do you drink at cafe? Dripped coffee? Latte? Espresso? What about wiener coffee? I will feature shortly about it this time.

Wiener Coffee?

First of all, have you heard of it? Well, at least you may get an idea it’s about coffee, right? Though what the hell is Wiener? Let’s figure what it is.

Wiener Coffee image


Mystery of Wiener Coffee

Enter Motomachi Coffee

We’ve visited a new cafe called Motomachi Coffee. It looks similar to Kurashiki Coffee. Kissaten style.



Take a look at the menu. This place serves Wiener coffee! Lemme try one.


Try Wiener Coffee!

Here it comes. So this is it. Where is the wiener……there doesn’t seem to be such a thing on or in it.

motomachi coffee Wiener Coffee front

motomachi_coffee_Wiener Coffee_lifted_up

motomachi_coffee_Wiener Coffee_scooped

motomachi_coffee_Wiener Coffee_emptied


About Wiener Coffee

To tell the truth, coffee with whipped cream on top is what it is (sorry for disappointing you. Hehe), at least in Japan. Its origin comes from Vienna, Austria. Weiner refers to Vienna, so it’s Vienna coffee. In the old days many Japanese would try to find where the weiner would be hiding. Hehe. I believe you wouldn’t.

Original coffee seems to use meringue.



It’s been a long time since this drink came to Japan but it is still available at cafes including this Motomachi Coffee and Kurashiki Coffee where I’ve previously introduced. Please try it and lemme know what you think.

Kurashiki Coffee: Siphon Coffee Specialty Cafe

See you around!

Motomachi Coffee

Cafes in Japan: Tsuji Coffee in Kasaoka City

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, coffee miller interior

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, coffee and baked cheesecake

During our visit in Kasaoka City from my last post, I wanted to go to a cafe before going back to Okayama City. I found this one cafe not too far from Kasaoka Bayfarm. It’s actually just few minutes of walk from JR Kasaoka Station. The cafe’s name is Tsuji Coffee. Now, shall we have our coffee time in Kasaoka?

Tsuji Coffee (辻珈琲)

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, front
Located in the shopping street, next to JR Kasaoka Station


It’s a small-size cafe that serves coffee with their own roasted beans. It can accommodate up to 10 customers. The location is pretty cool, one side of the cafe faces towards the railway, so you’ll have a clear view of the trains passing by.

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, facing the railway

Coffee and Dessert Menu

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, coffee and sweets menu

They have their own blend and lineup of single-origin coffee beans. For desserts, it says to ask the staff for details.

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, coffee closeup 2
My pick, East Timor coffee beans.


Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, baked cheesecake closeup
Sharing baked cheesecake with Mr. Wada


Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, coffee beans roaster

It seems this cafe also holds tasting lessons.

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, sewing machine turned into table

Hey, look at their tables! It’s a reused sewing machine! How cool is that! And, I got to play with them.

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, playing around the sewing machine table

Other one is Singer brand and this one is Mitsubishi. Burn burn away those calories…

Tsuji Coffee: Cafe in Kasaoka City, coffee miller interior

Interesting coffee miller used as an interior. There are many of them placed all over the cafe.

Kasaoka City, Kasaoka JR Station


Kasaoka City manhole

Addition to our Japan manhole collection and this colored fire hydrant cover too. The design shows an image of kabutogani (カブトガニ), horseshoe crab. It seems kabutogani is the symbol of Kasaoka City. There’s even horseshoe crab museum that we passed on the way to Kasaoka Bayfarm.

Kasaoka City: Fire hydrant picture

More Information
Tsuji Coffee (辻珈琲)
Business Hours:
 Weekdays – 10:00AM – 7:00PM
 Weekends & Holidays – 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Contact Info: 0865-60-0802

Address: 30-13 Chuocho, Kasaoka, Okayama Prefecture 714-0088