Rider, Rangers etc: cmon’ Japanese Super Heroes!


Hello people! It’s Mr. Wada on duty.

There are always heroes in our heart…would you count super heroes though? If you grew up in the West, perhaps your super heroes would be Superman, Batman, Spider-man, etc. How about in Japan? Let’s see…



Spidy @ electronic store

Japanese Super Heroes

Like I have mentioned before, there are popular characters, but also Super Heroes.


Kamen Rider (Mask Rider)

The first thing that comes to my mind would be Kamen Rider. There are variety of series of Kamen Rider for each generation.

The very first Kamen Rider song.

Its first series was made in 1971. A plot is like these bad guys captured an ordinary man (auto rider), experimented on him and he turned into an insect-alike human with super power, the Mask Rider (he managed to escape and then fights against them). He normally stays in a human form but when the bad guys show up in town he transforms into the Mask Rider with the belt he’s got. And yes, all the kids wanted this belt so bad and I also did have one! (sadly it never worked on me).

Mine would be Kamen Rider Black RX(1989). It feels weird that I don’t remember this song at all!.

I’ve found this Kamen rider movie with a Shogun as guest (he’s from a well-known TV drama). It looks like Kamen Rider somehow got into the Edo era. I find it funny. Hehe.

Also adopted in North America. It looks more exciting!


The first series was made in 1966. For my generation, it was Ultraman Taro (or perhaps Ultraman Seven?). Not that I tried to copy their actions but I would always look forward to a new episode on TV every week.

Its plot was, this Ultraman (a space alien) accidentally involved a guy to death while his on duty, so he decided to give him his life to rescue him. Since then they are together and start to protect the world from other space aliens that often come to Earth (specifically to their town).

New Ultraman starting July 2015.

Power Rangers

The first Power Range series called Go Ranger was made in 1977.

To be frank I didn’t grow up with this. However, it might be also known worldwide since it has been made also in US and other countries.

The series of Power Rangers has been going on for long time, as long as the other previous two. Though concept is always the same. They are always five of them (Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red). When the bad guys show up, they transform into Power Rangers and fight for the world!

This new one seems to have some Ninja concept…


These shows are quite big still in Japan but mostly for kids. That’s a big difference between Japanese heroes and Americans, I’d say. I wonder what your heroes are from childhood. Please share with me! See you around.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe for Takoyaki Party

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: ready to eat

Hi guys. Do you like takoyaki? Me, I do. Once in a while I crave for takoyaki and last night, we had takoyaki party at home. In this post, I’ll share an easy takoyaki recipe.

I’ve heard that in Osaka, most households have their own set of kitchen tools for making takoyaki at home.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that. Instead, we have one that is perfect for a starter.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: takoyaki plate

This one has a removable plate. It comes with another plain plate for cooking like yakisoba.


These are the ingredients needed to make takoyaki.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: Ingredients

(For about 40 pieces)

– 300 grams of flour
– 900 ml of water
– 5 grams of dashi no moto (soup stocks powder)
– 3 pcs. of eggs

– chopped spring onions
– chopped boiled octopus
– cooking oil for greasing the plate

For topping:
– mayonnaise
– takoyaki sauce (optional)
– bonito flakes (optional)
– aosa powder [sea lettuce powder] (optional)

Although it’s more flavorful with takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes and aosa powder, if you only got mayonnaise, that will do. The simplest form of takoyaki you can find in Japan is no topping at all.

Now we got all the ingredients we need. It’s time to cook takoyaki!


Prepare the takoyaki batter.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: Mixing flour, fish powder, eggs
For the batter, mix the (A) ingredients. The consistency of the batter shouldn’t be too thick, more like watery. In that way, the takoyaki will be light, soft and creamy inside.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: Mixing the batter well

Ready the takoyaki plate.

Turn on the takoyaki plate and spread some cooking oil.
Easy Takoyaki Recipe: Apply oil

Pour the batter into the holes.

If it overflows the holes a little, don’t worry, you can tuck in the rest when you flip it later.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: Pour in the batter

Add the octopus and spring onions.

Now, add the chopped octopus and spring onions into each hole. Wait for few minutes to cook the outer layer of the balls, so you can flip it without crumbling it into pieces.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: Add in octopus and spring onions

Don’t overcook. The remaining liquid part inside will drip down to the bottom to form the rest of the ball.

Flip the takoyaki.

When the outer layer turns light brown, flip the takoyaki. You can use pointed sticks to flip it easily. Tuck in the excess part into the hole. Wait for another few minutes until the bottom side is cooked.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: almost done

Put some toppings.

It’s cooked now, take it out from the hot plate and transfer to a serving plate. For topping, add takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, aosa powder and bonito flakes.

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: ready to eat

Tips and more…

Time to eat! Be cautious when eating takoyaki, never try to eat up the entire takoyaki at once. It’s pretty hot inside that you may get yourself burned.

Aside from octopus, you can also use other seafoods. I sometimes use fish sausage. Although, technically it won’t be called takoyaki anymore, it would be kaisen-yaki (kaisen for seafood and yaki for grill).

It is one option to cook when getting together with family and friends. Easy to prepare and everyone can participate in cooking while chatting, making meal a lot more exciting and fun.

In Japan, you can find takoyaki plate mostly in department stores. You can find very affordable one online or even in Donki Quijote. If you are living outside Japan, here some items I found on Amazon.