Fishing in Tamano City 2015 summer

How are you guys doing? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty.

Before autumn officially begins (Sep 23rd), I and Mrs. Wada wanted to achieve our last goal for fishing. Get a big fish! At least something bigger than “haze” (goby) fish we previously caught.


Research Fishing Spots

I researched fishing spots on the web and also a fishing tool store called POINT near our place. Apparently there is a well-known port for fishing in Tamano City. Tamano City is in Southern Okayama Prefecture, about 30-min drive from where we live. Not too far.

OK, so we will give a shot in Tamano this time!

Off to Tamano City

We kinda overslept (!) but not fatal. We still left home at 6-ish AM.


Now we head to Shin-Tai Port.

Fishing at Shin-Tai Port

Alright here we are. There were anglers already.

Nice view


Let’s get started!


Something’s been taking bait, but I don’t feel any presence of fish. Hmmm…then Mrs. Wada suddenly got something.



This is Mebaru fish (Rockfish). A bit small but supposedly yummy. We’d keep it! I remember my mom used to cook this fish.

That’s the way she does…


She seemed to have found a good spot. On the other hand, I’ve been struggling. Bait (worms) kept disappearing! Hm……

Then another came to Mrs. Wada.

The same rockfish.

And even another!

B…BIG! But I don’t know what it is called.

It wouldn’t stop!

Fugu (blow fish). Better release since it’s got poison.


unknown fish part 2.


I suppose it’s her day. BUT BUT, as a team THE-WADAS, we’ve done pretty well. And the fish here looked way better than regular “haze” fish!

Alright, let’s call it a day. I may revenge another time.

Me taking over her spot and getting nothing….



I always hated the insane heat of summer but when it comes to end I feel a bit sad. Yeah, that’s it, and….YEEEEY my favorite season, autumn, has come! We’ve got to hang out and enjoy this beautiful season!

See you around!


Fishing in Okayama 2015 Summer


Hi guys. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty again within a short period of time. I’d just like to report quickly how our fishing went this week.

Fishing in Okayama 2015 summer

To be frank, we’ve been going fishing but actually haven’t got much this year. It was a little embarassing since I introduced fishing in Japan in previous posts!


This time though we got a little bit, so I thought it might be worth sharing.

Get to the New Fishing Spot

We left home at around 6 AM, which is rather late. Well, we tried to wake up earlier but failed…

Daaah. The sun’s already rising…hurry up!


I can smell fish…


A small marina


This place is called Okayama Riverside Marina, in Saidaiji, Okayama city. It is close to the Yoshii River where we tried last time.

Let’s Get Started!

OK, let’s try this place. As you see in this photo, it was a little rocky down there. We’d have to be careful with that. You know, hooks often get stuck with them.



Not so long after we started, I got the first catch! It is “haze”, a goby fish. It looks small but nah, big enough for a “haze.”

First catch (goby fish)!
First catch! (don’t look at the worm!)


Mrs. Wada also got one and it kept coming in. Another!

Second catch!
Second catch!



8 AM. We could’ve stayed longer but the sun was already starting to burn us out! We decided to retreat.

Today’s result


Some are still alive…



I wouldn’t say it was satisfying but alright, seems like we’ve found a new fishing spot. We may be back another time and try more. Let’s call it a day! However, our summer won’t end until we get big fish!

Had them for lunch!

See you around.