Kurashiki Coffee: Siphon Coffee Specialty Cafe

Kurashiki Coffee (????) - siphon coffee preparing

Hello world. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty! This time I would like to share one of our favorite cafes, Kurashiki Coffee.

Kurashiki Coffee (倉式珈琲) sign outside

This cafe is a bit more like Kissaten (retro Japanese cafe). If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen some pics of this place. Its specialty is siphon coffee which is….needless to explain? Anyways you will see how it is like in this post. OK, let’s get started!

kurashiki_coffee_siphon_coffee - secret


Kurashiki Coffee: Siphon Coffee Specialty Cafe

Well, it is a franchise cafe restaurant run by Saint Marc Group (Saint Marc is also a popular cafe restaurant from Okayama!) I didn’t know it until I searched about this company. Its name is Kurashiki Coffee but since it uses different Kanji characters to Kurashiki City (next to Okayama City), I’m not sure if it is related.

Enter Kurashiki Coffee

Kurashiki Coffee (倉式珈琲) Siphon Coffee Specialty Cafe: Front

As you enter the store, bunch of siphon dripper welcome you.

Kurashiki Coffee (倉式珈琲) Siphon Coffee Specialty Cafe: Cashier & Counter

Whoah. Shiny as crystals!

Kurashiki Coffee (倉式珈琲): Siphon Coffee EquipmentsCool, isn’t it? Of course these aren’t just display. They do use these for brewing coffee. I suppose not many cafes serve siphon coffee, but this store got it as a regular menu. Plus pretty reasonable (about 340 yen).

Siphon Coffee

I ordered their Kurashiki Blend Coffee (basically all coffee is served by siphon) and here it comes.


It reminds me of science class anyhow. Hehe. Now what? Well, no trick. Grab the handle and pour to your cup like this.


It tastes pretty good. This coffee in the dripper is about for 1.5 cups. And it costs just 340 yen!

Tea Snack

We like their sweets as well. This is Azuki (red beans) hot sandwich. To be honest I’m not that into red beans stuff but I do love it. Dunno why, perhaps it works well with bread?

Kurashiki Coffee (倉式珈琲): Azuki Hot sandwhich

Some other Japanese or Western sweets are also available.

Kurashiki Coffee (倉式珈琲) : Sweet Potato-Azuki sweets



Do you know what Fukubukuro is? It literally means LUCKY BAG.

American-version Maneki-nek (Beckoning Cat)
American-version Maneki-neko

Today, it is just special sale on the New Year’s Day (or holidays) most probably a give-a-way for good luck for business. It normally comes in a bag with stuff which would be more valuable than its actual (regular) price. Clothing, toys and electronics! Some stores even show what’s in the bags (that seems to lose the point though).


<From Wikipedia>

I don’t think I have got one before, but this year I did! ….something very affordable though.

It was our visit at Kurashiki Coffee near the year end. We found this Fukubukuro available for pre-order. It was a bit unusual like I’d need to order and pick it up after the New Year’s day. Anyway it looked good, so I ordered one and got it after the holiday.

This is the one.


It comes with 5 coffee tickets and 200 grams of coffee beans for 1,500 yen in total. As they say it would be worth more than 3,000 yen. Coooool.


Now we gotta go back to Kurashiki Coffee with these tickets . Hehe.



Find Kurashiki Coffee near you here.



It feels the holiday is really over (well, it’s almost Feb already). What’s next? Dah, it’s getting cold. We will spend more indoor.

See you around!

A Walk in Japan: Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Long slides

Hi guys! Mrs. Wada is here on duty. This post is part of our new series about parks in Japan. Last time Mr. Wada introduced Sakazu Park in Kurashiki City.

A Walk in Japan : Sakazu Park, Kurashiki City

This time we visited Tanematsuyama Park, also located in Kurashiki City. The park is known not only for its numerous flowers, trees and birds but also for its playground. Paradise for super active kids.

During the recent ajisai (hydrangea) season, I was considering this one and one in Kibitsu Shrine, Okayama City.

We ended up choosing Kibitsu Shrine this year because its on the same direction to our firefly watching trip.


Inside Tanematsuyama Park

Just before entering the park, we saw some cemeteries and a store that sells gravestones. The park has a  huge space for parking.

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Japanese graveyard

At the entrance, we saw some staffs working on the plant seedlings. Here you can buy drinks and ice cream. You’ll be in need of water supply after going around the park.

Self-service shop (just drop your payment into that cardboard box)
Self-service shop (just drop your payment into that cardboard box)


Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Airy ice cream for 140 yen
Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Airy soft ice cream for 140 yen


Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Cat relaxing
Cat relaxing in the hot weather


The Slides

Close to entrance, you’ll immediately see a slide and a good view of the city afar. We have seen only few visitors with their kids probably because of the hot weather that day.

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: City view
View of Mizushima, where many factories are located

Mr. Wada got so excited trying out the slides. But it was so sunny, his butt couldn’t handle the heat any longer. 😀

From entrance, we continue our way down to explore the rest of the park. I’m surprised to see there are still ajisai flowers after its peak season already ended weeks ago. This place boasts of its more than 30,000 ajisai trees.

We’ve encountered some people cleaning up the area, trimming the grasses. Just below the ajisai area, there is a long pathway filled of wisteria trees.

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Wisteria trees

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Wisteria seed pods
Wisteria seed pods

I didn’t expect there will be this many wisteria plants in this park. Just imagining if all them blossom on its peak season, I couldn’t help to get excited. Definitely coming over next year to check it out.

From afar, we saw a pond area. It’s a nice view but we decided not to go closer, thinking to leave something to explore for next time along with the Japanese garden area.

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: View of the pond

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Pond view
Something’s burning out there…

We’ve seen a lot of Matsu (pine) trees on the sideways, very well maintained.

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Matsu (pine) trees
Japanese garden; Matsu (pine) trees

On our way back, I remembered the long slide I saw on the Internet beforehand. I just took a look but didn’t try to ride on it. Too tired already to go up again. I might try next time. I took photos instead.

Tanematsuyama Park, Kurashiki City: Slide #3 (with curve)
This slide is pretty long and has a curve.


The Adventure Facilities

Aside from slides, there are many recreational equipments also installed and Mr. Wada’s excited to try all of it.

Here’s a video of Mr. Wada trying out the zipline.

After trying the zipline, we were already drenched with our own sweat and decided to make it a day.

Definitely coming back again. The view from this park might be nice at night also… but maybe it will be too dark, I guess I’ll pass.

I hope you enjoyed the tour in Tanematsuyama Park. Do you have a particular park you regularly visit? Share with us your experience and what you think about parks in Japan in general.

Tanematsuyama Park Information

Address: 712-8041 Okayama-ken, Kurashiki-shi, Fukudachō Fukuda, 426−1
Links: Area Map, List of flowers and its season, News updates