5 Steps to Make Onion Soup


Aloha. It’s Mr. Wada on vac…DUTY, absolutely on duty. (Clearing throat)…Finally spring has come to Japan. However, it still gets a bit chilly at night. I’d get warmed up with some soup quite much this winter. Perhaps I should share a sip of this.

My Favorite Soup

It’s just an ordinary onion soup. I saw this recipe on TV and found it quite easy. Check the following:


For 2 servings:
– 1 pc. of onion
– 400ml water
– 1 tbsp. of bouillon powder
– 1tbsp. of butter
– 1 tbsp. of flour

5 Steps to Make Onion Soup

Slice up onion(s)


Slice it thin.

Microwave the sliced onion


Here comes Mr. Plastic cooker! It saves me some time. You could have it in a bowl and cover with saran-wrap.



Close tight.



Microwave for 5 minutes.



After 5 minutes. Well-done.


Sauté the sliced onion


Throw the butter in.



And the sliced onion and flour.



Sauté for 5-10 minutes.



It turns brown like this.

Pour water


Cook for a few minutes in boiling water (onion must’ve been cooked already by microwave).

Add bouillon cube/powder


Stir well, sprinkle some pepper if you feel like.



A garlic toast on the side would be nice as well.


It definitely saved me many times this Winter. Please try and let me know how it goes. See you around.


Bon Appetit!

5 Steps to Make Easy Homemade Tea Snacks


Howdy? It’s Mr. Wada on duty. What do you have with your drink? Cookies? Cakes? Pies? There are varieties of food at cafes but at home I suppose you just buy something and grab right? Lemme tell you about my favorite tea-time snack lately. It is called SWEET POTATO CAKE…ordinary? Hmp! But but…can you believe that you can make it in a half hour!!?? Here’s a recipe of an easy homemade tea snack.


You need only two things. Sweet potatoes and ICE CREAM!

easy homemade tea snack sweet_potatoeasy homemade tea snack ice_cream

For four (4) servings – two medium size sweet potatoes (in the photo I’ve got 5 small ones) – two scoops of vanilla ice cream Options(I’ll mention it later) – rum – beaten egg yolk

Why Ice Cream?

What normally requires for making sweet potato cakes (other than sweet potatoes) are cream/milk and sugar which ice cream contains all! It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

5 Steps for Making Sweet Potato Cakes


Step 1

Peel sweet potatoes, chop them in dice.

easy homemade tea snack chopped_potatoes

Step 2

Microwave the chopped sweet potatoes for about 5 minutes until it gets cooked. I use this plastic container for microwaving (it comes with a cover). Or you can just have them in a bowl/plate, wrap by saran wrap and microwave.

easy homemade tea snack plastic_box

By the way, microwave cooking has been sorta trend in Japan last several years (it’s been a while though). There are many items like this. I may show you more recipes using this method another time.

Step 3

Take the sweet potatoes out and now mush them! And here comes ice cream. Mix them well.

easy homemade tea snack mush easy homemade tea snack mix_with_icecream

Note: A few drops of rum would give it a great flavor. Got one in your kitchen? Then give it a try.

Step 4

Grab some of the mashed sweet potatoes and form it as sweet potato cakes. Its shape should be like the one below but you can shape it any way as you like. It won’t differ its taste anyway.

easy homemade tea snack foamed

Note: Spreading beaten egg yolk over the sweet potato cakes would make it shiny (not a must but it’d look nicer with this).

Step 5

It’s ready to be cooked. Throw them into the toaster. It’s an ordinary toaster that I use every morning. Toast for 10 minutes.

easy homemade tea snack toaster


Looking good, don’t you think?

easy homemade tea snack done

easy homemade tea snack tea_with_potato

Bon appetit con tus coffee! (oui) Please try this homemade tea snack and lemme know how you find it. Can’t wait to have it! See you around. Related links