5 Steps to Make Easy Homemade Tea Snacks

Howdy? It’s Mr. Wada on duty. What do you have with your drink? Cookies? Cakes? Pies? There are varieties of food at cafes but at home I suppose you just buy something and grab right?┬áLemme tell you about my favorite tea-time snack lately. It is called SWEET POTATO CAKE…ordinary? Hmp! But but…can you believe that you can make it in a half hour!!?? Here’s a┬árecipe of an easy homemade tea snack. Contents1 Ingredients2 Why Ice Cream?3 5 Steps for Making Sweet Potato Cakes3.1 Step 13.2 Step 23.3 Step 33.4 Step 43.5 Step 53.6 Done! Ingredients You need only two things. Sweet potatoes and ICE CREAM! For four (4) servings –