Affordable Camping in Miyajima

Hi there enjoying spring? It’s Mr. Wada on duty! It will soon be a good season for early-summer camp. There is a place to grant my wish to go camping and sightseeing at once. This time I will share how you can do it in Miyajima! Contents1 About Miyajima2 Access2.1 Get to the Miyajima ferry port2.2 Take the Ferry3 Welcome to Miyajima3.1 Main Street3.2 The Great Torii3.3 Itsukushima Shrine4 How to Access the Camping Area4.1 Check-in4.2 Facilities4.3 Fees5 Lastly About Miyajima It’s one of the three great views of Japan (Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture, Amano-Hashidate in Kyoto Prefecture, and Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture). The other two are sorta hard to