How to Make Warabi Mochi

Hi everyone! It’s Mrs. Wada, back on duty. We’ve introduced homemade sweets in our posts. In this post, I’m also going to share one, how to make a Japanese sweets called “warabi mochi”. Contents1 What is Warabi Mochi?2 How to Make Warabi Mochi?2.1 Ingredients (Good for 4 servings):2.2 Procedure:3  Some Options What is Warabi Mochi? Warabi-mochi is a Japanese sweets made of bracken (fern) starch and sugar, usually comes along with kinako (roasted soybean powder). Originally, warabi (bracken) starch is used but since it’s very expensive now, potato or tapioca starch is used instead. I actually didn’t know about this until I checked the ingredient written on the “warabi” powder product I usually … Continue reading How to Make Warabi Mochi