Authentic Japanese Miso Soup Recipe (Miso Shiru)

Que onda guey? It’s Mr. Wada on duty aqui. I’m not sure how much you know about Miso soup. You probably already know, it’s the soup that comes along with sushi or in meal sets at restaurants. You can buy instant miso soup sachets at the supermarket but in this post I would like to share an authentic Japanese Miso soup recipe. Contents1 Ingredients (for two servings)2 Preparing an Authentic Japanese Miso Soup Recipe3 Lastly Ingredients (for two servings) – 30 grams of miso paste – 500 ml of dashi soup (or the same amount of water mixed with dashi powder) Toppings (optional) – tofu (classic) – wakame (seaweed) – sliced onions