Purchasing From Amazon Japan

  Hola amigos. Mr. Wada is back on duty. As I’ve shared how to register on Amazon Japan in my previous post, this time I would like to share details on purchasing from Amazon Japan. 5 Minutes to Register on Amazon Japan Please check the previous entry and start with the English page. Contents1 Select Items to Purchase2 Checkout2.1 Select a Shipping Address2.1.1 1. Send to your address2.1.2 2. Send to convenience store2.2 Select a Payment Method2.2.1 1. COD (Cash on Delivery)2.2.2 2. Convenience Store/ATM/e-Money2.2.3 3. Credit Card2.3 Place an Order2.4 Receive a Package at Convenience Store3 Lastly Select Items to Purchase It isn’t completely in English but perhaps you could select the category from menu.