Popular Dagashi Snacks

popular dagashi snacks

Hi there it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce popular dagashi this time.

Popular Dagashi Snacks

You know what dagashi is? Like I have introduced the biggest dagashi market in Japan before, basically it refers to confectionery.

Although there has been less and less dagashi stores today, dagashi is still available at supermarkets or some stores like Don Quijote that sells by box. It could be nice as souvenir from Japan as well.

Well then, what dagashi is popular, you ask? Here are some items that I used to have.

Sakumashiki Drops

Candy with different color and flavors. It is also known from the Graveyard of the Fireflies by Studio Ghibli.

Yatta Men

Crispy deep fried noodles just like Baby Star Ramen. This sometimes comes with a winning ticket.

Yocchan no Suzuke Ika

Supposedly vinegared squid (but ingredients are fish meat, etc).

Big Katsu

Tonkatsu snack. An imitation but it felt  like a luxe ad a kid! (heh heh)

Miyako Kombu

Vinegared kombu seaweed. Some anime fans may have seen characters eating this.

Umetora Kyodai

Super crunchy & dry & salty umeboshi (plum).

Oyatsu Calpas

An imitation salami. To be frank it doesn’t look so appetizing now…

Young Donuts

Just donuts but donuts. It was one of my regular snacks.


All-time king of dagashi. My favorite flavors are meintaiko (purple label), takoyaki (red label), corn soup (yellow label), etc.

Chu Chu Drink

Small drink with winning ticket inside if you are lucky. I used to carry the winning ticket in my wallet for emergency…..heh heh.


How do you find it? These bring me back childhood memories. Not so great for health but I can’t help grabbing sometime. Just for a cheat day! Heh heh.

See you around!

The Biggest Dagashi Market in Japan

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce the biggest Dagashi market in Japan this time.

The Biggest Dagashi Market in Japan (Setouchi City, Okayama)

Dagashi (だがし or 駄菓子) is kids snacks like Umaibo which is sold for 10 yen for each piece. Kids used to buy those snacks at dagashi stores in the old days. However, time has changed and there are less and less of those stores and I see very few nowadays which makes this Dagashi market very special. Ichiba means market, by the way.

Let’s go investigate!

It’s about a 10-minute drive from the nearest station (JR Osafune Station). It looks like a warehouse though as you step through the entrance door, tons of snacks are piled up and waiting for you. Many products remind me of my childhood.


There also are regular snacks at low prices, so as you see many grownups in the store.


This section is sort of retro theme. Small snack stores that I mentioned would be like this. Perhaps this classy type would’ve been one or two decades before my generation though…feels very retro.


OK, we shall check out. Counting method is also nostalgic (counting all little snacks by hands!).


Catches of the day. You may recognize the candy on top (left) from Graveyard of the Fireflies by Ghibli.


Many product offer another one for free if I ‘win'(あたり). However, I hardly ever won a thing (はずれ). I did win once and kept it in my wallet for emergency. Heh heh. (I can’t recall if I had a chance to used it). I wouldn’t say Dagashi gives you any health benefits but this place is more like enjoying nostalgia for grownups. Though I am glad that kids seemed to have the same enthusiasm in here as well. It feels kinda like treasure hunt. It’d be always fun to think what to get within our budget for field trips (or after school).


OK, let’s call it a day.



Name Dagashi Ichiba (日本一のだがし売り場)
Access 1373-5 Osafunechō Higashisue, Setouchi-shi, Okayama
Business Hours Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00
Closed: December 30 – January 3
Contact 0869-26-6580
Website www.ohmachi-site.co.jp



How do you find it? This place would be nice for getting souvenirs especially for foreign friends, don’t you think? Please take a visit while in Okayama (Setouchi City) and share your thoughts.

See you around!