Popular Dagashi Snacks

popular dagashi snacks

Hi there it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce popular dagashi this time.

Popular Dagashi Snacks

You know what dagashi is? Like I have introduced the biggest dagashi market in Japan before, basically it refers to confectionery.

Although there has been less and less dagashi stores today, dagashi is still available at supermarkets or some stores like Don Quijote that sells by box. It could be nice as souvenir from Japan as well.

Well then, what dagashi is popular, you ask? Here are some items that I used to have.

Sakumashiki Drops

Candy with different color and flavors. It is also known from the Graveyard of the Fireflies by Studio Ghibli.

Yatta Men

Crispy deep fried noodles just like Baby Star Ramen. This sometimes comes with a winning ticket.

Yocchan no Suzuke Ika

Supposedly vinegared squid (but ingredients are fish meat, etc).

Big Katsu

Tonkatsu snack. An imitation but it felt  like a luxe ad a kid! (heh heh)

Miyako Kombu

Vinegared kombu seaweed. Some anime fans may have seen characters eating this.

Umetora Kyodai

Super crunchy & dry & salty umeboshi (plum).

Oyatsu Calpas

An imitation salami. To be frank it doesn’t look so appetizing now…

Young Donuts

Just donuts but donuts. It was one of my regular snacks.


All-time king of dagashi. My favorite flavors are meintaiko (purple label), takoyaki (red label), corn soup (yellow label), etc.

Chu Chu Drink

Small drink with winning ticket inside if you are lucky. I used to carry the winning ticket in my wallet for emergency…..heh heh.


How do you find it? These bring me back childhood memories. Not so great for health but I can’t help grabbing sometime. Just for a cheat day! Heh heh.

See you around!

What is Shichi-Go-San Anyways?


Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce a little bit about shichi-go-san this time.

What is Shichi-Go-San?

Shichi-Go-San (七五三) is a ceremony held at shrines or temples to celebrate growth and well-being of children at age of three, five and seven. Originally it was for a child of Tsunayoshi Tokugawa (the 5th shogun of the Edo era) on the November 15th. Today it is for all kids on any weekend in November.

Shichi-Go-San Uniforms

Hakama (袴) is a Japanese traditional uniform (a type of kimono) for celebration (as well as graduation for students). Many kids wear suits today but hakama is still popular (the small Mr. Wada wanted….).


Kids at the ceremony get a red & white stick candy called chitose-ame. By its name (Chitose refers to a thousand year old and ame means candy) it is for wishing long life.


How do you find it? It’s rather a minor custom but it’s good to know, huh?

See you around!