How to make homemade Umeshu (Japanese plum wine)

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce how to make homemade umeshu. I often drink it (mixed with sparkling water). It tastes great especially in summer. So I thought it would be cool to make my own umeshu this year. It would be a lot more amount and cheaper than buying one. Here is how I did.

How to make homemade Umeshu (Japanese plum wine)

When to prepare?

May to June is a good time to start preparation. Stuff for making umeshu is available at supermarkets at the time of the year.


  • jar (s)
  • ume/plums: 1kg
  • crystal sugar: 500g – 1Kg
  • liquor: 1.8L


If plums are still green, soak them in water for 2-4 hrs.


After wiping to dry them, remove stems and dirt from heads (if necessary). Tooth picks or needles would help for plucking. It’s hassle but a important part for the taste.


Sanitize a jar and a cover by running boiling water through and let them dry. Warming the jar up by hot water beforehand may prevent breaking/cracking glass from happening.


Make layers of plums and crystal sugar.


Pour liquor in.


Close the jar and store it in a cool place. Shake and mix the jar (don’t open!) once a week. Crystal sugar will dissolve slowly and extract from ume/plums will be out through months. It may be good to go after 6 months (3 months would be OK as well but the longer is better). Remove plums after a year to avoid bitterness transferred from plums.

I will update as it gets ready. Heh. So excited.


Let’s call it a day.



How do you find it? Why don’t you try to make homemade umeshu as well?

See you around!

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