American Remakes of Japanese Films

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce some American remakes of Japanese films.

American Remakes of Japanese Films

The Ring (2002) | RINGU (リング) (1998)

One of the most known Japanese horror films seemed to have been accepted positively by American audience. A sequel was even made in 2005.

GODZILLA (1998, 2014)| GODZILLA (ゴジラ) (1954)

The very first Godzilla was made in black and white in the 50’s yet he is still alive in the 21st century (Shin Godzilla that is the first film made in the 2010’s made the biggest sales among its series in Japan). In the US though the first  remake was made in 1998 which was more like a Jurassic Park. However, from 2014 it rebooted as a part of Monsterverse with better CGI animation and concept.

THE JUON (2004) /The Grudge (2020)| JUON (呪怨) (2003)

if you would like to see how it is like to move into a haunted house in Japan, this is it. The child ghost creeps me out…

The Last Man Standing (1996)/Man with No Name Trilogy (1964-1966)|YOJIMBO (用心棒) (1961)

Some films just adapted the concept with different settings. Samurai to cowboys is a big change but sounds cool.

Magnificent Seven (1960, 2016)| SEVEN SAMURAI (七人の侍) (1954)

Another cowboy film based on a master piece by a legendary director Akira Kurosawa.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)| HACHIKO (ハチ公物語) (1987)

Richard Gear starred the story of the most loyal doggy in history. It basically features the same loyalty the original Hachi had. FYI, a statue of Hachi stands in Shibuya, Tokyo (if ya interested).

Shall we Dance?(2004)| Shall we Dance? (Shall we ダンス?(1996)

Apparently Richard Gear is big in Japanese remakes. The main character is supposed to be dull but by Richard and Jennifer Lopez it looks totally different from the original. Well, for seeing differences is also a part of fun of remakes, isn’t it?

The Dark Water (2005)| Honokurai Mizu no Soko kara (仄暗い水の底から) (2002)

Based on the novel by Koji Suzuki aka the writer of Ringu. After hits of the Ring and the Grudge, American audience may have had enough of Japanese horror that it didn’t so well in the box office. Although it remains scary….


How do you find it? Hope it helps for this weekend. Hehe.

See you around!

5 Live Action Anime Movies 2017


Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Lemme share 5 live action anime movies 2017 this time. To tell the truth, in terms of CG (computer graphics) in Japanese films, quality is like 20 years behind compared to Hollywood. Well, it’s no comparison. Hollywood got like 100 times of budget anyway. Another thing about live action anime films is that many anime characters are NOT Japanese looking. Well, they live in fantasy. But since these are made in Japan, creators and cast are Japanese as well naturally. Turns out, many films are like cosplay party! So this is kinda DON’Ts list against film creators, but since it’s all been in process, there’s nothing we can do. Here goes.

5 Live Action Anime Movies 2017

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure -Diamond is Unbreakable-

I used to read it until it moved to another magazine. Characteristic of Jojo is that each series comes with different characters and stories (though in the same world). This live action is based on its part 4, Diamond is Unbreakable which was recently made into anime. To be honest, it won’t be ‘GREAT’ since the director has a bad reputation with other anime-based films lately.
I still don’t see how this is going to show the STAND (it’s a visualized mental strength) ? Hm. We will see…



Another title from the same magazine (Jump). It is half-comedy, set in a parallel world where Samurai still exist with aliens. Characters are Asian looking but costumes are totally fantasy. However, the director seems to be known for low budget films and TV shows, so many fans seem OK with it.


Tokyo Ghoul

Based on a popular manga. I don’t follow this but seems quite popular (and controversial). It’s about a boy in Tokyo who turns into a creature called Ghoul that devour humans but he is still half human, so he struggles not to…etc.). I wonder how violent and action will be like.


Fullmetal Alchemist

A big hit from early 2000s. Anime series went pretty good even worldwide, so there are MORE fans against it. It is set in England-alike country and characters have English names like Edward, etc. Now what? Japanese act with wigs? That’s not funny. Yellow-washed would suit this film.


Ghost in the Shell

It is a popular animation from 1995. I watched the original animation when the Matrix was out because people always would talk that the creators adapted ideas from Ghost in the Shell. Sure, I see lots of influence.

This one is made by Hollywood creators with huge budget, beside Scarlett Johansson stars, but many fans say it’s too white-washed because the main character has a Japanese name in the original animation but she isn’t even Asian in this live action. Scarlett Johansson was not meant to be? Hm. I’d feel OK though. She is supposed to be an android and she kinda looks like it in the animation, doesn’t she? (pic) People are too sensitive sometime.



That’s the 5 live action anime movies 2017. Don’t get me wrong. I am not completely negative with live action anime films but there are just too many bad ones, so I am feeling desperate whenever I hear news, then ‘ah, again’. Hope things will get better in the future.

See you around!

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