Year 2 – February Week 1: Instant Greenhouse

In continuation from last week’s DIY seedling rack making, this week we transformed it into an instant greenhouse.

In the making

Finished product

We can’t help but get a new thermometer to check how warm it gets inside the greenhouse. And to our delight, it reached 26°C at some point during the day. Immediately we used it for sprouting the seed potatoes.

And speaking of potatoes, finally we are done preparing the beds. Our plan is to plant the potatoes next month, March.

Made 3 trenches in advance

Potato bed covered with dry weeds

Also spread fertilizer to onion plants. We have two beds of onions and I noticed that the onions in second bed are a little bit bigger than in the first bed even though I planted it a couple of weeks after. I wonder if it is because I placed mulch to the second bed and that helped in keeping them warm. So, I also placed mulch to the first bed this time.

And for this week’s harvest, we got brussel sprouts and daikon.



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