Murakami Bakery (Okayama)

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce Murakami Bakery.

Murakami Bakery (Okayama)

It’s like 20 to 30 minutes from Okayama central by car. It seems to be a part of a food company (probably that’s the main business). Without knowing, I wouldn’t be able to tell if this was a bakery!

It seems to bake very little a day, so you should come in early not to miss it.

I got cheese bread and blueberry & cream cheese scone and some of the other breads like bagels. These are all for snacks but I find it cool.

Let’s call it a day.


Name Murakami Bakery (ムラカミベーカリー)
Access 346 Yahara, Mitsu, Kitaku, Okayama-shi
Business Hours 11:00-16:00

Open: Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Holidays

Contact 080-9188-7181


How do you find it? Please stop by when you get around.

See you around!

Mr Wada

We enjoy trying new cafes on the weekend and any fun stuff! If you got any question, please feel free to contact us through the comment form or the contact page!

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