Small in Japan; Musicians that are NOT Popular in Japan


Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce “small in Japan” this time, which is the opposite to “big in Japan” that I previously shared. So it normally refers to musicians that are popular worldwide except in Japan.

Small in Japan

The Who

This legendary UK rock band isn’t that known for non rock fans in Japan. Perhaps drama watchers may be familiar to CSI songs though. The band had their first concert in Japan in 2004!


This Aussie rock band had their very first show in Japan in 1981 but their next show here was after 19 years (2001). Obviously, popularity isn’t as big as it is worldwide.


You may be surprised that she is almost unknown in Japan. Probably her songs don’t fit in Japanese market? Rolling in the Deep is our favorite karaoke song though!


Even though the band has sold a hundred million CDs worldwide, it remains OK in Japan. They have had shows but it’s always a few at a time.


Ever since the world famous rock band from Ireland landed Japan in 1983, they often come visit for shows at big venues. However, interval is quite long like minimum 5 years (it was like 13 years after 2006). I have to say they aren’t that big in Japan except for rock fans.


How do you find it? Hope it helps anyhow.

See you around!

Amabie Challenge Against COVID-19

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to share my Amabie challenge this time.

Amabie Challenge Against COVID-19

Do you know what Amabie is? Amabie is a mermaid-alike Yokai (Japanese mythological creature) that was seen by the water in the Edo era, foretold a beautiful harvest, and told people if pandemic occurs, draw a picture of him and show it to others. Technically, it didn’t say it’d stop it but people believed so.

Now COVID-19 has been spread over the world and what crossed people’s mind is Amabie ‘coz this is for what’s happening! As Amabie challenge, people draw pictures of Amabie and share on SNS.

Alright. Why don’t we try one? Doesn’t matter if you aren’t great at drawing. Hope it will work.


How do you find it? Hope the situation gets better soon!

See you around!