TV Review: Ajin Demi-Human


Hello it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. It’s TV review time! I would like to introduce Ajin Demi-Human (亜人) this time.


TV Review: Ajin Demi-Human

Ajin is demi-human that never dies, immortal in other words. They look nothing different than humans, so they are mostly living in human society and some don’t even know if they are Ajins until they ‘die’.

The main character, Kei Nagai comes to realize he is an Ajin after being ran over by a truck (his body regenerates). Ever since the incident, the government is after him to capture him for the so-called ‘study’. He escapes and meanwhile learns he’s not the only Ajin. One of Ajins that he meets, Sato, leads him to the cruel truths of how it is like to be an Ajin…

This show comes with some battles but it’s not that battle-battle like other action titles. Mystery & suspense would suit more. It does not come to an end completely but with or without a possible sequel, it gives a convincing ending at some point (for me).

It contains lots of violence. Stay alert.


Ajin: Live Action Film

Da da da. The live action film of Ajin was made in 2017. It seems…..well, what can I say without watching? Maybe I should give it a shot sometime.



Over all I enjoyed watching it. It’s all 24 episodes (as of Dec 2017). Not too long for weekends huh?

See you around!

TV Review: The Laughing Salesman New

laughing salesman

Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Time for a TV review of….The Laughing Salesman New!


About The Laughing Salesman

The Laughing Salesman (Warau Salesman) is a TV animation made in 1989-93, aired late night due to its content (black humor). Original comic is by Fujiko Fujio A. Compare to his co-writer Fujiko F. Fujio who created Doraemon and other popular kids shows, Fujiko Fujio A. would likely prefer dark stuff like this show.

Moguro Fukuzo the laughing salesman comes and helps to fill people’s loneliness. It anyhow seems to work out first but people always go too far and end up get caught up in desires.

laughing salesman



The Original First Episode

The very first episode, entitled “The reliable face,” is available on the official Youtube channel (change country setting at the bottom if necessary).  This episode shows how bosses’ life is like. Being stressed with high expectations from people around, the main character reached his limits and just wanted to be free from all pressures. But escaping reality leads to a shocking ending . Caution, the content may be disturbing. Stay alert. It was quite traumatic for small Mr. Wada. It’s in Japanese but you may get it without subtitles.


The Laughing Salesman New

After almost three decades, he is back on TV! It seems a lot way milder than the first series but still got the taste – dark and cynical. Seeing this makes me think things have changed but people haven’t. The world is still full of rotten desires!



How do you find it?  It may or may not be your new favorite (I kinda like it now!). If you got a chance, please check it out.

See you around!

laughing salesman business card