Concept Starbucks Store Toyama Kansui Park

concept starbucks store toyama kansui park

I would like to share another concept Starbucks Store Toyama Kansui Park this time.

Concept Starbucks Store Toyama Kansui Park

Considerably the most beautiful store among the concept stores in Japan is located in Toyama City which is in the Hokuriku region. Next to Kanazawa Prefecture, if that helps. It is in a nice and huge park called Fugan Unga Kansui Park (富山県富岩運河環水公園). As Unga means canal, the entire park is surrounded by canals and fountains. Such a relaxing place especially in summer.



Starbucks Store Toyama Kansui Park

Minatoirifunechō, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken

Business Hours 8:00 – 22:30
Contact 076-439-2630


Explore Toyama Fugan Unga Kansui Park

Alright. Since we are here, why don’t we look around the park? It seems that many locals come over and chill out. I want this in Okayama! (hehe)


There’s an interesting experiment on these buildings. Have you heard of string telephone / tin can telephone? You could try talk to another person on the other-side. I barely could hear Mrs. Wada’s voice though….





How do you find it? Oh this park is actually very close to a black ramen restaurant I’ve previously shared. Toyama has more places to visit. We would like to explore more another time.

See you around!

Have a Sip of Toyama Black Ramen


Konnichiwa. Mr. Wada back on duty desu. Do you like ramen? It seems like each city in Japan has its own ramen (even in Okayama!). This city we took a visit, Toyama, is not an exception. It has nationwide known ramen called Toyama Black Ramen.

Sign of Toyama Black Ramen

You may want to check out our previous posts about ramen.

About Toyama Black Ramen

It is said that in the 50s, construction workers in Toyama had begun bringing their own rice for ramen (it doesn’t sound like a good manner though). Since those people sweat a lot, it was intentionally made saltier than it used to be for replenishing sodium lost. Actually, we saw some people ordering rice with ramen.


Kihachi (Toyama Black Ramen)

We searched for popular ramen place and randomly picked this one, Kihachi, where apparently serves classic Black ramen. Let’s try this place.


Here’s Mr. Wada with so much excitement (too bad I can’t show ya).



It has car parking area behind the building.

Okuda building 3, 6-6 Okuda Kotobuki-cho, Toyama city

Business Hours

11:00-14:30, 17:30-20:30


Phone: 076-443-1888


Have a Sip!

Look at this menu. Two from top are regular size and large size of Toyama black ramen. However, I am not sure what this Echu ramen below is. Perhaps another local ramen? I would like to try it another time.

Toyama Black Ramen: menu

Toyama Black Ramen photo
Here comes Toyama Black Ramen!

Wait up, there’s an instruction. It says mix this all up first. Alright….

Toyama Black Ramen: instruction

It was soy sauce-based soup. Indeed salty as expected, but something different from regular syoyu (soy sauce) ramen. To be frank, I prefer Tonkotsu soup to this but I still recommend it to you. It is more interesting for having this after knowing a little bit of history, isn’t it?




How do you find it? Toyama, Kanazawa, aside from this ramen, cities in the Hokuriku region are full of yummy food. I would like to join firefly squid watching in winter (if I had a chance). That’d be amazing… Anyway, we will continue our trip. Don’t miss it!

See you around!