Year 1 – December Week 2: Chinese cabbage


This week I transferred the remaining red onion seedlings to the bed, finally. Also planted more crimson clover and rye seeds.

Plants Growth Updates

Chinese cabbage outer leaves are turning yellowish. I have to search what would be the possible reason. The center isn’t closing yet and growth seems slow now. Could it be because of lack of nutrients or that’s really how it is?

On the other hand, onions are mostly greenish now. When I planted it, they looked so weak and yellow in color.

Brussel sprouts are bigger than before but still far from harvest size. Mistakenly planted in shadowy area, it only gets few hours of sunlight.

Leaves of fig tree are now yellowish and mostly have fallen out. It’s ready to be trimmed and we have to decide soon which branches to leave behind. Mr. Wada has added fertilizer around the tree, the dark areas you see in the photo.




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