Bakery Takukobo in Wake Town

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce the bakery Takukobo in Wake Town this time.

Bakery Takukobo in Wake Town

Takukobo is run by a Bizenyaki potterian (perhaps it’s his sideline), located in the mountain of Wake Town. It’s actually right next to the apple farm that I’ve previously introduced. Hey, that’s more than perfect to stop by before or after apple picking, isn’t it?

The store is quite compact. I see some seasonal bread such as pumpkin and custard cream bread. Hm. Interesting. I find it quite reasonable compared to other bakeries.

His art works are displayed. Perhaps for sale as well?

There’s a bench outside so you could grab some bread, if you are starving.

Let’s call it a day.



Name Takukoubou (多久工房)
Access 144-15 Minamigata, Wake-cho, Wake-gun, Okayama
Business Hours 10:30~ (maybe vary, so please check their official instagram)
Contact 0869-88-1488

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