Year 1 – December Week 3: Broad beans



Finally had time to prune our persimmon tree this week. It’s still unfinished but I’m relieved from any possible trouble from branches touching the electric wires. It’s been windy past few days and it’s quite bothering.

I also added our own rice bran compost rice bran compost to boost up the vegetables.


Harvests of the Week

Harvested the main stick broccoli (second batch seedlings). Compared to the first batch, second ones are quite short in height. By harvesting its top, I’m hoping it will trigger for more baby stick broccoli to grow faster.

Also harvested kale for salad, maybe for 4th time already.

And, more spring onions and baby raddish!


Plants Growth Updates

Some of the rye seeds that I planted few weeks ago already started to sprout and also some of the crimson clover.

Rye sprouts

Crimson clover sprouts

Fig tree is totally bald now, ready to be trained. For pruning, thinking to do it next year in March since I’m planning to use the branches for seedlings.

Some of the broan bean plants are starting to bloom. Too early?




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