Year 1 – November Week 3: Preparing Rice Bran Compost


Preparing Rice bran Compost

This week, I tried making a compost using a simple mixture of rice bran, fermented soybeans, water and a small amount of soil from our garden. So far, I haven’t seen any change like the temperature going up. I will try to mix it every day for faster result.


Mix the fermented soybean with water

Mixed the soil and rice bran

Moisture check

Amount of water to add should be only a little. One way to check is to grab a handful and form into a ball and when you drop it and it crumbles, that’s good to go.

Harvests of the Week

Harvested more kale and baby daikon from thinning.

Chopped into small pieces for miso soup.


This week I also planted the rest of the onion seedlings, a red onion and an early-harvest variety.

Extra red onion seedlings I planted from seeds

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