Growing Garlic

October 1: Planting garlic

Planted garlic together with strawberries today. It seems that these two grow well together.

Planting Garlic

Peeling the skin is optional. One good thing about it is you can check if the garlic is damaged or not.

Planting Garlic

Pointed side goes upward.

Planting Garlic

Two rows of garlic (30 pieces in total) in  between strawberry plants.


Planting Garlic

This is our first time to grow garlic and we chose Hakata 8-clove garlic; an early maturing type and good to grow in warm regions. And, it says on the label that it is more aromatic compared to regular ones you get at supermarkets. Sounds good to me. It can be harvested between June and July, the following year.

It will take time to harvest but looking forward to it. I hope it goes well and maybe we can keep extra to plant for succeeding years.

October 6: Sprouting

Garlic Sprout

After 5 days, garlic clove is starting to sprout! Can you guess which one?

October 10: Leaves are growing

Garlic leaves

10 days past after planting and leaves are already growing. Looks promising! So far, 21 out of 30 pieces are growing. Hopefully the remaining ones will grow.

October 19: Growing, growing!

Leaves are getting longer and some of the remaining cloves also sprouted. Banzai!



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