Year 2 – February Week 2: Planting myouga

This week I planted myouga (Japanese ginger?) that Mr. Wada bought from Konan home center, together with another asparagus roots.

Before planting the myouga roots into the bed, I had to transfer these stick broccoli plants first to another bed, to a better location with more exposure to sunlight.

Bed for myouga, where stick broccoli plants are currently planted. Not producing well due to a shady location


Stick broccoli plant pulled out. Hopefully it will survive after transplanting.


All stick broccoli plants are now moved into the new bed


Bed is already cleared out and now ready to plant the myouga roots

Myouga roots lined up, in 30-cm span

Myouga roots in close-up

Crimson clover plants are now becoming more visible.

That’s it for this week.

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  1. 2022年10月3日

    […] this year. But this week, I was surprised to see a couple of myoga coming out from the ground. I planted the myoga roots last February – that’s about 7 months ago. […]

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