Year 1 – December Week 1: Piling soil on leeks



This week I piled soil around the leeks, seems this will produce a longer white shaft.

Planted extra peas, rocket and shungiku (crown daisy). I had to soak the pea seeds in water overnight before planting, this speeds up the germination time.

Its shape revived after overnight of soaking in water

Harvests of the week

Harvested raddish from thinning, burdock (that I planted in spring, gave up and cut in autumn but luckily grew back again), romaine lettuce, rocket herb and lots of spring onions.

Raddish looks a little bit thicker now

Made a cream soup using the harvested burdock

Plants Growth Updates

Plants are growing pretty slow now that winter has already started.

Sunny lettuce

Romaine lettuce


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