Year 2 – May Week 2: Hilling potato plants

This week we hilled up the potato plants for the second time. This will be the last time and we’ll just have to wait until it’s time to harvest.

From first hilling


2/10/2022 – chitting seed potatoes

2/27/2022 – sowed Toya seed potatoes

3/31/2022 – sowed other varities

4/25/2022 – first hilling and bokashi

5/15/2022 – second hilling and additional bokashi

Harvests of the Week

Done harvesting cherry for this year. Since it was raining most days of this week, the fruits got soft faster than usual and mostly burst out. Managed to make 2 small jars of cherry jam.

Harvesting strawberries also started this week. The continuous rainy days also caused problem to the strawberries. Some got fungal infection causing gray mold. Tried to remove infected ones and cleared out the weeds, hoping it might help to improve the condition.

Other harvests include tasai, red raddish, bokchoy, romaine lettuce and early variety onions (small ones though).

Red raddish


Tasai with lots of holes




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