Year 1 – November Week 1: Autumn Harvests

This week we finally harvested all the sweet potatoes and peanuts.


Sweet Potatoes and Peanuts

Mostly purple sweet potatoes (which I particularly like)

Most of the Azuma sweet potato plants (yellowish ones) didn’t produce well this year. On the other hand, we were able to harvest a lot of purple sweet potatoes both in big and small sizes.

I’m wondering if the location mattered since yellow ones were planted on the sides of the bed while purple ones are in the middle.

One of the few plants that actually have some decent peanuts to harvest

For peanuts, I already knew that there’s nothing much to harvest. Only few of the peanut plants survived in the summer heat and also failed to clean out the weeds. The challenge will continue next year, for sure!

Plants Growth Updates

Trimmed the leaves of the brussel sprout plants to give these tiny sprouts more sunlight exposure.


Green and purple kale plants look bigger already only after planting the seedlings last week.

Noticed some green worms on the green kales but not in the purple ones. Is that their way to camouflage themselves? Found black worm on purple kale plant instead.

Fast growing spring onions

Harvested some of the spring onions by cutting only the leaves and leaving some parts at the bottom, just enough to allow it to re-grow again.


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