Year 2 – December Week 5: Growing Onions – Update

It’s been about a month since I transplanted the onion seedlings. Many died out especially the early variety ones. I think it wasn’t big enough to handle the sudden change in temperature. Next year, I will try to wait a bit for seedlings to be big enough before transplanting even if the transplanting schedule gets delayed.

Here’s how the onion plants look now in December.

Red onions covered with rice shells to protect from cold


Late variety onions, covered with dry weeds


Early variety onions without any mulch (just ran out dry weeds to use for mulching)

In general, mostly are still thin and small than as it should be at this point of time but I’m hoping it will catch up and at least 50% will make it to harvesting.

That’s it for this year. More gardening updates next year!




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