Cafe Tabuchi Shoten (Okayama City)

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce Cafe Tabuchi Shoten.


Cafe Tabuchi Shoten (Okayama City)

It’s in Takebe Town (Northern Okayama City), quite close to Sunny Day Coffee that I’ve introduced previously.

It looks like a traditional Japanese house renovated into a cafe. As you see in pics it’s narrow but quite long! It was like…20-30 meter long?

We got this neat window seat. Views from this seat were really nice and chilling.

We weren’t here for eating a meal but felt like grabbing something and saw this breakfast menu.

Let’s call it a day.


NameTabuchi Shoten (田渕商店)
Access4323 Ota, Takebe-cho, Okayama City
Business Hours9:00 – 18:00


How do you find it? Please swing by.

See you around!

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