Year 2 – November Week 4: Overwintering Lemongrass

Winter is here and it’s time to take care plants for overwintering. One of the plants we intend to overwinter is lemongrass. Last spring I planted lemongrass, one I bought from home center and some I sowed from seeds.

The lemongrass seedling I bought from home center got bigger compared to those I’ve grown from seeds.

I found a method of overwintering lemongrass from a Youtube video that looks simple to follow.

First is to dig out the entire plant. Then cut off the leaves, leaving 20-30cm from the bottom of the stalk. Also cut the roots. Yes, cut the roots! Somehow it will root out again with no problem. (Hopefully! We’ll see…)  I splitted out the stalks and remove the outer leaves.

I then washed the stalks and soaked in small amount of water in a plastic bottle.

I’m going to replace the water and remove any rotten leaves every other day until spring.

Hoping this method will work and will report back in spring for update.

How do you overwinter your lemongrass? Let us know!


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