Year 2 – August Week 3: Hilling Ginger Plants

It’s been awhile since my last garden update. It’s Mrs. Wada and I’m back on duty.

Summer is almost ending and this summer we harvested summer veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, string beans, green peppers and butternut squash. It’s a bit late but we are starting to harvest eggplants, too.

This week I took care of our ginger plants. Because I didn’t regularly water it and almost no rainy days for long period of time, the plants are still small.

New ginger roots are forming and need to hill up to promote even more growth.


Close-up. Also applied “bokashi” fertilizer


Dug some soil on the side of the bed and piled it up around the ginger plants.

These ginger plants are a Kochi-region variety. The other ginger roots I bought from supermarket sadly didn’t make it.

Summer is about to end and now it’s time to prepare seedlings for autumn and winter vegetables.

Gotta do it!


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