2021 October 4th Week: Cabbage is in danger!

Updates about cabbage, brussels, chinese cabbage plants and planting more leeks.

Purple Kale; just harvested the lower leaves. Our latest favorite.

Surprised how good this kale for salad, we decided to buy more seedlings! This time we added green one, too. Kale seedlings are not readily available in home centers so we had to go to the seedlings store in the neighboring city where we first found it.

Stick broccoli plants are growing bigger we had to take off the cover. Romaine lettuce next to it is the new member of the family. We bought together with the green and purple kale.


Purple cabbage is starting to form.


Regular green cabbage on the other hand is in danger.

See something green creature on it? They are everywhere and it’s eating all the leaves! I tried to remove any visible ones as I can. Will these cabbages still going to grow back?

Another problem is there are lots of eggs(?) of insects sticking on the back of the brussels leaves.


Planted the remaining leeks. We got lots from our neighbor. Lucky!


Okra plants are still surviving. Surprised to see the stems are turning reddish. Does it indicate something?


Mr. Wada planted edible rapeseeds. Somewhere around there…

Also planted fava beans seedlings next to leeks. I will try to post weekly updates.

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