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Cleaning Time: How to Prevent Pinky Molds in Bathroom


Hi there. It's Mr. Wada on duty. Summer's over and we've been thinking to clean our place more often which would be hard with crazy heat. Bathroom is one of spots we would like to keep clean (of course all spots should be clean though...). Yeah, we should've done earlier this but

Bees Attack! (NOT the best way to get rid of bees)


Hey guys. I'm Mr. Wada on duty. I've got to tell you how to get rid of bees after what just has happened to us. Ways to Get Rid of Bees There has been an uncomfortable situation around our place. BEES. It seemed that they'd made a nest down the house (there's some

Cleaning Time: Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Bugs


Hi guys. There's a thing I can't stand in summer. What freaks me out here is that bugs and roaches seem to be more active now. It is said that spotting a roach means there are millions of them hiding in your place! (Oh don't lemme even imagine that!) And