Cleaning Time: How to Prevent Pinky Molds in Bathroom

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada on duty.

Summer’s over and we’ve been thinking to clean our place more often which would be hard with crazy heat. Bathroom is one of spots we would like to keep clean (of course all spots should be clean though…). Yeah, we should’ve done earlier this but now we are going to get rid of pinky mold and telling you how to prevent it.


Not a good sign.


General Cleaning

First of all we gotta clean all like floor, walls, and ceiling. We can’t avoid this path. Here are bath cleaners available in Japan.

Bath Magiclean (バスマジックリン)


Available pretty much everywhere for about 300 yen (refill is about 100 yen).


It’s probably the most popular bathroom cleaner in Japan. Spray and brush (instruction says we don’t need to brush but I do).

Kabi Haiter (カビハイター)


Available for about 350 yen at drugstores (refill is about 250 yen).


It’s a bath cleaner for heavier duty (for existing molds, etc). You must wear a mask and gloves while using it. I use it once in a while. As instruction says, “DO NOT MIX!”

How To Prevent Pinky Molds

You see pinky stuff in the ceiling and the walls? Ventilation takes an important part to keep bathroom clean. Always open the window or turn the fan on after showering, but heat still remains and it generates bacteria and molds eventually. The thing is simply keep them clean, but how? Here’s the thing.

There are two ways.

Smoked Agent


Available for 400-500 yen.


It seems that Japanese like this Smoked Agent-type lately. Haha. So true. It is used just like the one I introduced in the previous post.

Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Bugs – The Wadas

Hi guys. There’s a thing I can’t stand in summer. What freaks me out here is that bugs and roaches seem to be more active now. It is said that spotting a roach means there are millions of them hiding in your place! (Oh don’t lemme even imagine that!)


After cleaning the bathroom, let it run through thoroughly. It is effective for 1-2 months. This even works to the floor and the stuff in the bathroom. A con is it’s a little pricey (around 500 yen).


Go smoky!


Apply Alcohol


Spray & spread!

Spray alcohol to a wiping paper and spread it over the ceiling etc. It simply repels bacteria/molds. A con is its effect doesn’t last that long, so you need to continue it frequently (perhaps every other day). A bit hassle but still easy and more importantly, it’s cheap. You can get alcohol spray at 100-yen stores.


Get your place cleaned and enjoy beautiful autumn. Alright, we will be out there for adventure in the next post.

See you around!

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