What is Obon Holiday Anyways?

Do yo know what the Obon holiday is? Lemme tell you about it quickly..


What is Obon Holiday Anyways?

The Obon holiday involves Buddhism that it is believed that ancestors souls return home this period so people welcome them by different ways (it varies in regions). However, it’s been less spiritual or religious today. It is more like time to get together with relatives (and visit family graves, etc). For me it was more like a good chance to see my relatives as well as the new year holiday.

Obon holiday normally refers to August 15th, and most of companies would be closed (since it is NOT a national holiday, schedule varies from companies). Many people like to travel also but you know prices skyrocket at the time of the year. (=_=)



Bon-Odori used to be a part of Obon held on the August 16th but it’s just a summer festival for most of cities.


By the way, a famous balefire in Kyoto (August 16th) is also a part of Obon ceremony.


Did you know?

By the way, just around Obon more jelly fish float on the sea which means we have more chance to get stung. If ya plan on going to the beach, stay alert.



How do you find it? Mid August is also a typhoon season. You may keep eyes on the weather cast and plan for the holiday. (^v^)

See you around!

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    If I get stung by jellyfish during a typhoon on Obon, what should I do?

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