Try DIY Japanese Wasp Trap

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce how to make Japanese wasp trap this time.

Caution 1; The trap in this post targets wasps. However, it should be avoided if other insects like honey bees are flying around.

Caution 2; The trap in this post is to prevent wasps from making its nest near by. So once the nest is made and spotted, it is strongly suggested to call the professionals in to be taken care of.


DIY Japanese Wasp Trap

We have a bitter memory with wasps in the past. So we better learn and be well prepared before it’s too late this year. Make a move first!

The wasp traps are available at stores but it is much cheaper if you make it yourself. Compare to buying, it costs like 1/10 ( it’s like 1,000 yen for each at stores). Cheap huh?

Ingredients (for 8-10 pcs)
Sake – 1.8 L
Vinegar – 600 ml
Sugar – 750 g

Only mix all ingredients together (actually I mixed ALL above).

Grab plastic drink bottles and give H slits by a cutter just like in the image below. Pull the upper part up and push the lower part in. It will give wasps a hard time escaping once they get in.

Pour the fluid made in the first step into the bottles and it’s good to go.

When to Hang the Traps?

Ideal time would be between April and June. April is where the queens are likely active for looking for a new home to breed. However, they stay in the nest by June, so the traps should be removed by then.  It may only bring worker wasps otherwise.

Where to Hang the Traps?

Avoid direct sunlight, also not too close to the house. (ex. under the trees)


How do you find it? Wish you good luck. ☆(>v・)

See you around!

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