10 Popular Japanese Sakura Songs

Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Do you know what Sakura is? Well, it is cherry blossom, also a popular girls’ name and songs! I am going to introduce 10 popular Japanese Sakura songs this time.

Actually many graduation songs involve Sakura in the lyrics as well. I shall exclude ones that I already introduced in the previous posts.

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10 Popular Japanese Sakura Songs

For some videos you need to change country setting on youtube. Click youtube logo in the video and open youtube. Country setting is at very bottom of the page.

Sakura Sakura

Released year: unknown

This is likely the oldest sakura song of all time. I suppose you may be more familiar with this version by the Koto instrument played in Japanese restaurants.



With vocal.


Yozakura Oshichi by Fuyumi Sakamoto

Released year: 1994

This is an Enka song but I find it neat that it stars with a slow tempo then a change of rhythm. It’s totally rock!


Cherry by Spitz

Released year: 1996

A semi-folk band from the 90s. I think we sang it at the graduation in Jr. high.


Sakura-zaka by Masaharu Fukuyama

Release: 2000

One of the biggest hits all time. Not so catchy or pop but perhaps people liked its calm sound…


SAKURA Drops by Hikaru Utada

Released year: 2002

A super popular singer from the late 90s. This is her rather early songs and also one of her biggest hits. It doesn’t seem to relate to Sakura much but still is considered a Sakura song.


Sakura by Kawanishi Kyogo

Released year: 2003

A very typical one-hit wonder from the early 2000’s. It spread through the radio chart.


Sakura Iro Maukoro by Mika Nakashima

Released year: 2005

Sounds classy. I suppose this kind of songs are preferred for the textbooks.


Sakura by Ketsumeishi

Released year: 2005

A sakura song by a (pop) HIP-HOP group from the early 2000’s. This song turned out their biggest hit. It isn’t as classy as other sakura songs but very catchy.




Released year: 2007

One of YUI’s hit songs. It’s very catchy & pop.



SAKURA by Ikimonogakari

Released year: 2007

This song is Ikimonogakari’s debut song. As they got known, this song turned out one of their popular songs.




How do you find it? I now feel seasons are very much attached to J-POP. Spring (sakura, graduation), summer (fireworks), and winter (Christmas). Not sure of autumn songs though.

See you around!

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  1. ᐃᓄᒃ ᑭᕙᑖ says:

    The winner is obviously the instrumental version of Sakura (koto; not synthesizer). I love the koto. It really does have a lovely sound.

    The runner-up? Hard to say. A few videos are “not available in my country” (Yozakura Oshichi, Sakura Drops, Sakura Iro Maukoro, CHE.R.RY) so I can exclude them…. Might be the last, Sakura (Ikimonogakari). Or Cherry (Spitz)…. of the two, if my life depended on it, I’d have to select Ikimonogakari (Congratulations)

    The worst? That’s easy. Sakura (Ketsumeishi). I flunk Ketsumeishi for tepid, lazy hip-hop. (Congratulations)

  2. For some videos, you need to open youtube videos (click youtube logo in the video) and change country setting (at bottom).

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