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11 Classic Japanese Graduation Songs

Classic Japanese Graduation Songs

Howdy? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Graduation ceremonies are held in March in Japan. They would give speeches, and sing songs. Japanese students practice for months especially for singing. Practice over and over. So did I. Kinda painful but it shows how important this day is. This time, I am sharing classic Japanese graduation songs.

Classic Japanese Graduation Songs

First batch is pop songs that became classic.

Tsubasa wo Kudasai (Wings to Fly) by Akai Tori

Original title : 翼をください
Release: 1971


Nagori Yuki by Iruka

Original title : なごり雪
Release: 1974



Sotsugyo Shashin (Graduation Photograph) by Yumi Arai

Original title : 卒業写真
Release: 1975



Jidai (Time) by Miyuki Nakajima

Original title : 時代
Release: 1975



Okuru Kotoba by Kaientai

Original title : 贈る言葉
Release: 1979



Kanpai by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

Original title : 乾杯
Release: 1980



Yume wo Akiramenaide (Never give up your dream) by Takako Okamura

Original title : 夢をあきらめないで
Release: 1987



The rest is chorus music. These have more chance to be sung.

Hotaru no Hikari

Original title :  Auld Lang Syne
Release: 1788



Aogeba Toutoshi

Original title : Song for the Close of School
Release: 1871



Omoide no Album

Original title : 思い出のアルバム
Release: 1959



Arigato Sayonara

Original title : ありがとう さようなら
Release: 1985




Hmmm. Some songs certainly remind me my life in elementary. Do you have songs that remind you your graduation? Feel free to leave a comment.

See you around!

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4 thoughts on “11 Classic Japanese Graduation Songs

  1. I like them all, but if pressed… the winner is Sotsugyo Shashin!

    There aren’t any special songs sung at graduation ceremonies here. At least none that come to mind. The song I associate most closely w high-school graduation I suppose would be “Always” by the English group Erasure. It was a bit of a hit at the time.

  2. Hi Mr Wada!

    We don’t have any official graduation song from where I come from but the song ‘Graduation/Friends Forevers’ by Vitamin C used to be a hit during my time 🙂

    Also, if it’s Sakura, I really like いきものがかり version!

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