Top 10 Japanese Autumn Songs


Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce Japanese Autumn songs this time. J-pop, enka, and some kids songs. Actually there is a bunch of songs for Autumn. Here we go.

Top 10 Japanese Autumn Songs

Miagetegoran Yoru no Hoshiwo (見あげてごらん夜の星を) by Kyu Sakamoto

Year Released: 1963

A classy song by the Sukiyaki singer.

Cosmos (秋桜) by Momoe Yamaguchi

Year Released: 1977

An idol singer from the late 70’s who had a shocking early retirement in 1980.

Iihi Tabidachi (いい日旅立ち) by Momoe Yamaguchi

Year Released: 1978

Another song of her. It is still used on a TV commercial of a travel company.

Sayonara (さよなら)by Of Course

Year Released: 1979

One of popular folk bands in the 70’s.

Koibitoyo (恋人よ) by Mayumi Itsuwa

Year Released: 1980

Sort of enka? An Autumn broken-heart song.

Koyoi no Tsuki no youni (今宵の月のように) by Elephant Kashimashi

Year Released: 1997

Tuski (moon) seems to represents Autumn.

Kaede (楓) by Spitz

Year Released: 1998

A popular soft rock band from the 90’s.

Tuki no Shizuku (月のしずく) by RUI

Year Released: 2003

It was a theme song of a film that this actress stared. Turned a big hit.

Mikazuki (三日月) by Ayaka

Year Released: 2006

It’s rather new compared to others but definitely one of the most popular Autumn songs of all already.

Kids Songs

Momiji (紅葉)

Chiisai Aki (小さい秋)

Aka Tombo (赤とんぼ)

Donguri Korokoro (どんぐりころころ)

Takibi (たき火)


How do you find it? What’s your favorite Autumn song? Why don’t you share with us in the comment?

See you around!

Top Japanese Rain Songs

Howdy? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Rainy season goes through June to July in Japan. Oh, don’t get so depressed. I got you some Japanese rain songs to enjoy such a wet day.

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Top Japanese Rain Songs

Ame no Bojo (雨の慕情) by Aki Yashiro

Year released: 1980


One of hit songs of a popular Enka singer. A broken-heart song, I think.


Rainy Blue(レイニーブルー) by Hideaki Tokunaga

Year released: 1986


A hit song from the mid 80’s. His high-tone voice and the melody light up a dark sky..


Rain by Motohiro Hata

Year released: 1988 (original)


This is a cover song originally made in the late 80’s. This cover was used in a popular animation film called The Garden of Words (by the directer who made Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)). Its sentimental melody fits the movie quite well.



Year released: 1989


X JAPAN is a popular rock band from the 90’s. This song was one of their early songs. Unlikely their heavy metal make-up and outfit, this song is very gentle and melodious. Still loved by many fans.


Hajimari wa Itsumo Ame(はじまりはいつも雨) by ASKA

Year released: 1991

He’s a member of CHAGE & ASKA, a popular duo from 80’s through 90’s. This song has been a popular rain song for a long time.


Squall by Eiko Matsumoto

Year released: 1999


Kind of one-hit wonder from the late 90’s. However, still popular at karaoke.


Nijiiro(にじいろ) by Ayaka

Year released: 2015


It was a theme song of one of dramas on NHK in 2015. As its title Niji (rainbow) Iro (color), it may be a good song for wising for a rainbow after the rain!



Year released:1925


One of the popular kids songs. Kinda of let-it-rain song.



Year released:1911


The snail song. A fun factor on a rainy day is we have more chances to witness snails!


A Chorus of Frogs(かえるの合唱)

Year released: Unknown


I’ve read that this song is based on a German song though. Well, can’t avoid it when it comes to frogs.



How do you find them? How do you spend on a rainy day? Share your thoughts with us in the comment!

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