Recommended Import Stores in Japan

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce recommended import stores in Japan this time.

Recommended Import Stores in Japan

If you happen to be an expat, you may miss stuff from your country right? To tell the truth, there isn’t much import stuff in Japan even though it is supposed to be a first world! That’s one conflict and also reality. However, there are some places you could find them.


Kaldi Coffee

Kaldi Coffee sells plenty of import stuff including frozen products and dairy products. Prices are OK. It has many locations over the country, mostly in the malls.




Jupiter sells variety of stuff but perhaps LESS than Kaldi Coffee does (an impression I have). Prices are OK as well. I sometimes visit it for checking discounted items. Heh heh. Many locations available in many cities. One in Okayama City is right at the station so location-wise it is super convenient.

Website (in JP):


Gyomu Super

Gyomu Super is like a super market with lots of import stuff at low prices. Mrs. Wada buys oat meal here and makes her oatmeal, oats cookies (yummy!) etc. As of 2019 July, it has more than 800 locations in Japan, mostly in residential areas.

Website (in JP):



If you are from the West, this members-only-whole-sales may look familiar. Costco Japan offers great deals but numbers of stores are quite few still. Check locations here. It would be a good option for people living in big cities.



Online Stores (Amazon, etc.)



There are bunch of online stores that sell import stuff but the thing is their service is likely in Japanese only. Well, Amazon would be easy for anyone.


For shopping on amazon Japan, you may wanna check this tip as well.

Purchasing From Amazon Japan


Local Stores

There are some local import stores. For instance there is one called Trend in Okayama City. Prices aren’t great but it offers variety of products that never bore you.

Website (in JP):



How do you find it? Hope it helps.

See you around!

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