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How to Write Nengajo (Japanese New Year’s Card)

How to Write Nengajo sending nengajo

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Are you ready for the New Year’s holiday? You know what, you might be forgetting something important. Yes, Nengajo cards! I shared how to send it through the web in the previous post but some people wouldn’t feel comfortable with it since it’s not handwritten. This year though I plan on sending handwritten ones. Here’s how to write Nengajo cards.

Please note that there are some ways/styles for writing Nengajo. The one I’m going to introduce in this post is just one of those and the usual way I do.


How to send Nengajo Through Web


How to Write Nengajo (Japanese New Year’s Card)

Who to Send

In general, to friends, boss, family members (if you are away from them), etc. Anyone you think you should be nice to. There are no rules and it is totally up to you, but it would be awkward when you got one from a person who you didn’t send to. (-n-)…


How to Write Nengajo

Where to Get

It’s available at every post office and convenience stores in Japan. Price is the same as regular cards (52 yen). You get to pick designs you like.

How to Write Nengajo konbini and post office


How to Write Nengajo

Alright, let’s get started. I normally use a calligraphy pen for writing Nengajo cards. It gives a good touch.

ぺんてる筆 中字 黒 XFL2L【10P03Dec16】


(2016/12/11 17:03時点 )


ぺんてる<携帯筆ペン>薄桜鬼筆 XGFKPH2-A 沖田総司 [限定商品] ※メール便対応


(2016/12/11 17:05時点 )



Write the receiver’s info on the front side.

How to Write Nengajo front

You could write the sender’s info on the left instead of writing in the back.



Sender’s info will be on the back. Normally, we write “Happy New Year” (it’s written already in the card below), date (January 1st) and your name. Private message would make it more personal which would be very nice. It’s okay if you write in English. I believe your friends would feel your sincerity, especially if you write your own message.

How to Write Nengajo back


Did You Know?

You may FAIL writing a Nengajo and freak out sometimes. HOWEVER no worries. Take one(s) you screwed to the post office and they would trade it to a new one by 5 yen each! What a relief!!!

How to Write Nengajo post office

When to Send

Japan Post accepts Nengajo cards between December 15 – 25 to be delivered on the New Year’s day. If a Nengajo card was posted after this period, your cards would be delivered late. But if you miss it, don’t be bothered. It’s the thought that counts.




It’s just once a year, but it’s one way to keep in touch with people like ex-colleagues, friends, classmates, teachers, etc. Sort of good opportunity to stay connected right? We tend to have it done by email and messenger today but still we should cherish this tradition, don’t you think?

See you around!

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How to send Nengajo Through Web

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2 thoughts on “How to Write Nengajo (Japanese New Year’s Card)

  1. Dear Wada-san

    Thank you for this post!
    It gives me the motivation to write a Nengajo to my japanese friend this year and I hope she’ll likes it!
    (My Japanese is very basic at it’s best so I hope she can read my handwriting!😅)

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