Cleaning Time: Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Bugs

Hi guys. There’s a thing I can’t stand in summer. What freaks me out here is that bugs and roaches seem to be more active now. It is said that spotting a roach means there are millions of them hiding in your place! (Oh don’t lemme even imagine that!) And yes, I have seen some for the last few months.

Summer is especially a tough moment for maintaining stuff. Foods in kitchen get rotten easily which would be the best environment for THEM! I believe no one on earth likes roaches and bugs right? (Well, excluding bug researchers, etc.) OK, I will share different ways to get rid of cockroaches and bugs from our place. It’s cleaning time!



Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Bugs

Sticky Fly Paper/Jelly

Sticky Fly Paper

Available at 100 yen stores. It works pretty good for catching food flies.


Hang it like this in the kitchen, etc.



Sticky Fly Jelly

This one was a little pricey like 1,000 yen (for 3 pieces). I’ve seen a similar item at Daiso as well.


I also set this around the sink in the kitchen. The effect last for about a month.


Bug Spray

Available at drugstores for about 600 yen. It’s only an instant solution but I don’t mind, I just can’t keep them in my sight!


Cockroach Trap

Available at drugstores for about 500 yen (contains 5 pieces) or at 100 yen stores. Once cockroaches step in, they are done for. Sticky floor inside this little house would not let them escape! It actually feels good when I see them trapped in. HOWEVER, again, it isn’t really a solution. You know, others are still hiding.

hoihoi01 hoihoi02

Bait (poison)

Available at drugstores for 500-600 yen (with 16 pieces) or 100 yen stores. Cockroaches eat this and spread it to others through their defecation. We can’t see it happening but it seems to work.


Set it where cockroaches crawl around.


Smoked Agent

Available at drugstores for about 1,500 yen with three pieces (also available individually). This is the best way for exterminating cockroaches and bugs. I normally do this once or twice a year.



Here’s a quick instruction.

How to use the Smoked Agent

Open the package and take all stuff out.



This is for covering the fire alarm.


Take the main body out of the cup, fill water into the cup up to the line indicated, and put the main body back.


Leave it in the center of the room and now you are out of here! Oh, don’t forget to keep the closet and kitchen cabinets open to let it run throughout the room. It might affect electronics, so better cover TV, PC, especially food, just in case.

It gives you 30 seconds until it starts releasing smoke. Now evacuate!

Smoke Agent: starting to release smoke inside the room

Instruction says let it run and leave for a few hours. I normally set this before hanging out which would give it enough time.

Clean the room(s)

Upon your return, don’t forget to vacuum clean the room(s). And, we’re done! This place is cockroach-free now!…hopefully. Of course we gotta keep our places clean. They will come back soon otherwise.

Extra Tips

To keep them away from your place, you could spray lemon juice (mixed with water) where cockroaches might be around (apparently cockroaches don’t like the smell of citrus). Also I’ve heard menthol oil (mix with water) would work as well.


Hope it works for you. Do you know other ways to get rid of cockroaches and bugs you use yourself? Share it with us.

See you around!

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13 Responses

  1. ᐃᓄᒃ ᑭᕙᑖ says:

    Not many cockroaches around here, luckily. I might be as afraid of the products’s chemicals as the bugs themselves.

    The cockroach house is funny. I doubt any insecticides sold here would use this sort of marketing.

  2. very useful ! Yes summer has made me keep the apartment much cleaner than I used too. Not too many problems so far just 1 centipede and some roaming ants but have put down some poison to make sure they don’t make permanent residency !

  3. I cant wait to share this with my sister haha she just moved to Japan and she is terrified of cockroaches! Thanks for sharing 😀

  4. thank you for stopping my blog.

  5. canaznjet says:

    Oh, I’m terrified of roaches, too. Any bug, for that matter. I always clean and vaccuum my little place here in Osaka, but you never know with your neighbors. I’ve got some lemon juice, so I’m gonna try that. It’s now fall here…but that doesn’t mean the roaches are sleeping. Unfortunately, they stay all year…. -_-‘

    Thanks for the tips!

  1. 2016年5月18日

    […] Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Bugs – The Wadas […]

  2. 2016年5月18日

    […] Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Bugs – The Wadas […]

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