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Have a Sip of Toyama Black Ramen


Konnichiwa. Mr. Wada back on duty desu. Do you like ramen? It seems like each city in Japan has its own ramen (even in Okayama!). This city we took a visit, Toyama, is not an exception. It has nationwide known ramen called Toyama Black Ramen. You may want to check out our previous

Guide to Sushi Restaurant in Japan


Hey dudes, it's Mr. Wada on duty. Like I've introduced some Japanese foods before, Gyudon, Udon... there is variety of Japanese foods. How about Sushi?   [adinserter block="1"] How is Sushi like Today Sushi has been popular worldwide. By the way, I used to live in Vancouver, Canada for a few years (for my mission? can't

5 Steps to Make Onion Soup


Aloha. It's Mr. Wada on vac...DUTY, absolutely on duty. (Clearing throat)...Finally spring has come to Japan. However, it still gets a bit chilly at night. I'd get warmed up with some soup quite much this winter. Perhaps I should share a sip of this. My Favorite Soup It's just an ordinary onion