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Taste Real Wasabi at Wasabi Cafe in Tottori

wasabi cafe

Hello world. It's Mr. Wasa......WADA on duty. I will continue our Wasabi trip in Tottori. After the wasabi plantation in the previous wasabi plantation post, I will share our visit at Wasabi Cafe for trying REAL Wasabi! Access It is not far from the wasabi plantation, very close to Sekigane Onsen (hot spring) 896 Sekigane-cho

Wasabi Plantation Trip in Tottori

Wasabi Plantation in Tottori

Hey yo! It's Mr. Wada on duty. You know Wasabi right? It is the same family of horse radish etc, commonly used for having with sashimi or sushi in Japan. But most of wasabi we have in daily life is in tube or powder which are NOT real. I will share our

The Sand Museum in Tottori 2016 (South America)

Hola amigos. It's Mr. Wada back on duty. Do you remember we had a trip to the sand museum in Tottori last year? Can't believe it's been a year already! So we took a visit again. Thinking why we repeatedly visit this place, aren't you? Answer is simple. It updates every

Erstaunlich! The Sand Museum in 2015 (Germany)

Hi it's Mr. Wada back on duty. Let me continue our trip in Tottori. It's day 2. Day 2 Good morning! Day 2 begins.   Sanin Kaigan Geopark Camping went alright. It was a cool night and no mosquito or bug got into the tent. I hurt my butt a little though. Camping in Tottori DAY 1:

Sand Dunes in Tottori


Howdy? It's me! Mr. Wada on duty! Why so high? It's summer. Not like pros though, I and Mrs. Wada have been trying outdoor stuff last few years. Now, time for camping has come. Camping in Tottori Camping in Miyajima, which we tried two years ago, was quite something. It was a great